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It is also possible that you reached this page because you do not have "per-session cookies" or "session cookies" enabled in your browser's settings. When this is the case, you may repeatedly be sent to this page before you ever begin using the system. 
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To allow all sites to set cookies select Tools then Options. Click on Cookies. Check "Allow sites to set cookies". If you prefer you can configure Firefox to accept cookies only from some sites. To do that first click Tools...Options...Cookies as explained above. Then click "Exceptions" and specify "experimetrix2.com" in the box labeled "Address of web site" (be sure to include the 2) and click "allow".
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To fix the cookie settings in Internet Explorer 6.0 select Tools/Internet Options. Click the privacy tab. Do one of the following:
1. Lower the slider to a setting other than "Block all cookies".
2. Select "sites", specify experimetrix2.com in the address box and click "allow". This will enable cookies for Experimetrix only.
3. Alternatively, you may need to do the following: On the privacy tab select "advanced". Check "override automatic cookie handling". Check "Always allow session cookies". 
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In other browsers the procedure might be slightly different, but the goal is always to permit or enable "session cookies" or cookies..

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