Here is a complete list of the features of MomentumTM.  Many of the features can be disabled or otherwise adjusted to suit your particular needs.  Contact us if you have any questions.

Experiment-related features

  • New!  Experimenters can restrict participation contingent on the student's responses to "prescreening" questions.
  • Experimenter can easily create a signup page with available appointment times through the user-friendly web page.
  • Appointment times can be added and deleted whenever necessary from any web browser.
  • Experimenter can add multiple simultaneous sessions to the schedule (for large-group testing).
  • Experimenter can add a participant directly to the schedule (e.g., if the subject is contacted by phone).
  • It is possible to restrict participation contingent on participation in other "prerequisite" experiments.
  • Experimenter can award a variable amount of credit (e.g., if a session is an atypical length).
  • Can easily assign credit in "batch" to many subjects (useful for mass testing).
  • Automatic email reminders are sent to subject the day before an appointment
  • Easy links are provided to email subjects who have signed-up for a given experiment.
  • It is possible to restrict participation contingent on results from a screening session.
  • Students are prevented from repeating an experiment (if desired).
  • Open appointment times can be automatically deleted from schedule at specific lead times.

Reports of participation

  • Easy web-based assignment of credit or penalty to subjects.
  • Credit is reflected immediately in the student's record.
  • Credit can be summarized by student name or id number.
  • Credit report can be sorted based on courses that the student has selected.
  • Earned credit can be allocated among selected courses (the student decides how to allocate their credits).
  • Access to experiment participation reports can be provided to instructors and other members of the department through password assignments.
  • Reports can be viewed on-line, printed,  or sent via email
  • CSV file output is provided for import into word processing or spreadsheet programs.

Administrative control (The administrator would be a person at your institution.)

  • Administrator can add authorized students to the system in "batch" from course rosters.
  • Administrator assigns passwords and experiments to authorized experimenters.
  • Administrator can track usage of pool by individual experimenters.
  • Administrator can restrict individual experimenters to a specific number of subject-hours.
  • Administrator can change passwords, and disable students and experiments.
  • Administrator specifies the minimum lead time required for a subject to cancel an appointment.
  • Easy interface provided to permit changes to the greeting on the front page of your web site.
  • Easy interface provided to change the "subject pool rules" and "frequently asked questions" pages.

Student interface

  • Experiments are displayed in a random order.
  • Students can be "members" of the system only if they have a valid email address of a specific form.  (This is an easy way to restrict usage to members of your institution only.)
  • Students can check their upcoming appointments at any time.
  • Students can check their credits and past appointments at any time.
  • Secondary email addresses allow reminders to be sent to more than one location.
  • Students can easily browse through list of experiments before selecting one.
  • Email confirmations are sent for each sign-up and cancellation.
  • Email reminder is sent to subject one day prior to an experiment.
  • Students can designate courses to which their experiment credits should be applied.
  • Students can easily allocate specific credit amounts to specific courses.
  • Students cannot sign up for two experiment appointments at the same time.
  • Students are prevented from canceling an experiment within a specified time of appointment time.
  • Students cannot sign up repeatedly for the same experiment (if desired by the Experimenter).

Security features

  • SSL encryption is used to protect all web communications.
  • Students can sign-up for experiments only if they are "members".
  • Students can become members only if they have a local email address validated by our software, or if they are added by your administrator.
  • Student names and information cannot be seen in public listings
  • An appointment can be cancelled only by the student (or the experimenter or administrator).
  • Database information is retained on a security-hardened server and is inaccessible to the public.
  • The web site is continuously available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


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